1804 FOODS specializes in Haitian foods.

The 1804 Gourmet foods and spices collection are designed to bring authentic Creole flavours to everyday meals. Our recipes dates back from 19th century Haiti, when creole cuisine was characterized by refined preparations and presentations of aesthetically balanced meals full of flavours.

Our Mission

1804 FOODS is committed to provide quality food and spices products at competitive prices

Corporate Social Responsibility

We promote Corporate Social Responsibility; 1804 FOODS chooses to fulfill its obligations to our environment, our community, and our customers, through every one of our operations day-to-day.

The notion of doing what's right starts by giving back to the communities in which we do business.

We take pride in the sustainability of our supply chain and in setting policies that will ensure we maintain ethical trading practices; We import some of our product from Haiti directly from Haitian farmers, Our way of contributing to the rebuilding of Haiti and supporting the agriculture of Haiti.

1804 FOODS takes its corporate social responsibilities seriously. Not only by staying in rigorous compliance with all government requirements that regulate food safety and the health and well-being of our customers and employees - but also by remaining vigilant and imaginative, and by searching out ways in which we can do everything we do, better.